The Ultimate Client Interface & Management Suite for Your Vet Practice!

With capabilities entirely focused on streamlining your Veterinarian operations, like no other provider can!

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A group of mobile devices showing VetVim products A group of mobile devices showing VetVim products

One Vendor, One Plan, One Low Price!

A single platform solution that is:

  • Fast
  • Easy to implement, upgrade, maintain and operate
  • Super economical
  • Uncompromisingly feature rich
  • 10X's the capabilities of other products
Veterinarian Websites made: Beautiful, Easy, Powerful

No matter if your practice is big or small

VetVim is here to put you prominently on the map so pet owners can easily find you, learn about you, and book an appointment to visit your clinic.

Your Story

Your Story

We help you tell your story in a compelling way, framed by an attractive professional design that is easy to navigate, and supplemented by useful information that pet owners appreciate.



Streamline your booking process with fully automated appointment scheduling; giving pet owners the convenience of booking 24 x 7; and freeing your staff to do other things.

Woman booking an appointment in the comfort of her home

Once a pet owner finds you, VetVim is designed to keep them coming back!

VetVim provides a complete online interaction system that pet owners love.


Book more appointments and reduce no shows with automated reminders by email and text message!

Special Offers

Easily send your pet owners messages and offers! Have slow periods that are difficult to fill? Effortlessly send out a special offer in seconds. Want to send them an educational message? You can do that too!

Pet Owner Portal

Secure access to pets’ health records, visits, and appointments all done within your website! No more redirecting pet owners to third party websites. No more third party fees.

So what exactly is VetVim?

VetVim is the most comprehensive Veterinary website builder and online management system designed to:

  • Attract more pet owners
  • Increase pet owner retention
  • Generate more revenue per pet owner
  • Operate more efficiently to lower costs
  • Improve your overall image
  • And more...
Veterinarian examines a dog
Pet owners walking their dogs

How do we do this? By taking a systemized approach and automating everything that could possibly be automated.

VetVim eliminates a large portion of the work so you can spend your money on other things to help you grow!

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Here are some of things that VetVim can do for you:

SEO & Local Marketing

VetVim is designed from the core up to promote the areas you service, optimizing your website to be found in local searches. The process of search engine optimization is made easy by automating everything from sitemaps to semantic HTML tags. This is augmented with assistance managing local listings like Google My Business and Yelp. Plus we make sure your pages load quickly, pleasing both Google and pet owners!


Serve a community that speaks different languages? We have you covered! VetVim is designed from the ground up to support multiple languages. This includes the backend too.

Content Management

We don’t make you put a square peg in a round hole! The VetVim content management system (CMS) is designed specifically for veterinarians. Content management couldn’t be easier! And we grant you full control. Giving you access to everything!

Nothing to Install

Everything is hosted in our secure cloud. We have taken care of all the technical stuff so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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