Brock Miller

Brock is our founder, CEO, and chief architect. His lifelong passions for business (graduate of USC’s entrepreneur program), software development, and animals have come together with VetVim. Growing up Brock lived in a rural area and brought home all kinds of domestic and wild animals, much to his mother’s dismay. He is excited to be developing software solutions for an industry that services animals. Brock formed our original development team in 1994. These days when not working, Brock is usually found playing with his one year old son, Max. Brock is also an avid skier, surfer, and scuba diver. His dog Lucky is our chief of security.

Petia Docheva

Petia is the lead software developer for the VetVim project. She is responsible for creating the veterinarian specific CMS and programming the features that create the pages and widgets containing content. Petia loves to solve complex programming challenges, like the Advanced VetVim Appointment Scheduler. Petia has more than 25 years of programming experience. She originally joined our development team in 1999 and took a hiatus to work as a programmer for Demand Ware. Petia rejoined our team 4 years ago. Outside of work, Petia is passionate about fashion and design and getting together with friends. She is also a huge sports fan, especially for tennis, ice skating, and rhythmic gymnastics.

Svetlozar Fotev

Svetlozar is our software development guru and chief engineer. With more than 30 years of programming experience he is a human encyclopedia on computers and software development. Svetlozar is responsible for all the core functionality of the system; the magical internal stuff you can’t see. He originally joined our development team in 1997. Svetlozar took a hiatus to pursue the opportunity to head up the facial recognition development team at Motorola. Upon completion of that project 11 years ago he rejoined us. When he is not at work programming, he is at home programming! Besides his love of programming he also loves to play with his cats Julieta, Marcho, Marcheto, and Fifi. Svetlozar’s other passion is music. Once upon a time he was an accomplished drummer and bass guitarist playing in popular music venues throughout Europe.

Chavdar Chanev

Chavdar is a software developer responsible for delivering the functionality that you need. He has been a key part of our development team for 12 years and was the lead developer for the MyVetStoreOnline project. Having spent every summer at his grandpa's farm taught him to love animals and he's happy to be part of the VetVim project. Aside from working, Chavdar enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities and is very passionate about football, gaming, and playing with his son in the park.

Lex Petkov

Lex is our marketing guru. He is responsible for on-page, off-page, local SEO; social media; paid ads; and creating effective content strategies for your website. He will be the one to make your clinic climb the Google page rankings. Lex has eight years of IT experience and is well versed in the technical aspects of the web and beyond. Outside of work Lex is busy chasing his kids around the house and park.

Olya Lalova

Olya is a web developer at VetVim. She is responsible for converting designs into working templates and themes. She loves the challenge of getting things to responsively layout on different devices and browsers. After work she can be found playing with her daughter.

Michael Novikov

Mike wears multiple hats as our IT guru and a web developer. He is responsible for our datacenter operations and development environment including our network, computers, operating systems, software, and more. He is also responsible for creating templates and implementing new themes for VetVim. He has been a part of our development team for 11 years. Mike’s and Nori’s dog Jillian often joins us in the office to spread good cheer. Outside of work, Mike often joins Nori and Jillian on long walks.

Nori Milcheva

Nori is our chief coordinator. She is responsible for the administrative tasks that keep us running. Outside of work she loves taking long walks with Jillian.

Maya Ganeva

Maya is one of our designers at VetVim and her job is to make themes and illustrations that click just right with your practice and make you smile. Along with embarking on all sorts of visual escapades, she loves animals, rock climbing and video games.

Daniel Mironov

Daniel is a designer at VetVim. He enjoys putting a smile on people’s faces when they see his designs. Daniel also enjoys studying design theory and learning new techniques. Daniel loves animals, especially dogs and is excited to be working on this project. Outside the office, Daniel can be found hanging out with friends or on his computer playing video games.

Magi Hristova

Magi is our operations manager and internal accountant. She is responsible for keeping the lights on and making sure the numbers add up. She has been a part of our team since 1995. When not working, Magi loves to travel.


Woof, woof, woof!


Woof, woof, woof!

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